Another brilliant idea…

…of mine that will probably get made by someone else and make them a millionaire.

I hate the explanitory text in museums. I hate wall labels and they way that they encourage people to avoid having a direct experience with the work. So today, while looking at the ups label on a box from amazon (futiley tring to peel it off actually, but that’s another story), i thought:”What if instead of wall labels museums had bar codes? Codes that could be read by some sort of PDA device that you could elect to carry around or not. When you wanted to know more about the piece use your bar code reader and boom, the information would come up on your screen. You could program not only the languageyou got the information in but the depth of information. Like viewing a movie with or without the commentary track. The bar codes could be placed on some unobtrusive part of the wall, the baseboard perhaps.

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