7th question heaven…

pajamas_johnson asks:

i want to meet you. but will i be freaked out by you and your eccentricities, resulting in an uncomfortable drink at a bar where time passes slow as mollasses?

I’ll admit to being reserved with new people – especially in situations where it’s an online acquaintance that I’m meeting in real life. One of the things I like about LJ is that it’s such a written form – it’s possible to edit thought before expressing it. Not so when it’s one on one out in the non-virtual world. I need to know someone fairly well before I can really open up. Generally I prefer to meet new people in situations where there are some folks that I already know present, or where we have a structured activity, like going to a museum or something, to ease us over the rough spots. One of the reasons that I’m so utterly hopeless at tricking.

But that’s me -as to whether you’ll be freaked out, I can’t really say. I don’t scream randomly, flash people on the street or insist on only eating foods with the letter “o” in them (although maybe I should start), so I think you’d have a passably entertaining evening.

Thanks for askin’!

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