Question #5, like Chanel…

itsolivia asks:

+ what keeps you inspired when you work on your art? more importantly, how do you keep motivated? I need to know. 🙂
+ when you come to talk in SF at the art institute, is it open for the public?
+ do you ever want to move from NYC? and if so, where?

Well really that’s three questions but I’ll let it slide.

I guess that I don’t really believe that inspiration plays that huge a role in art making. I think the most important thing is to show up regularly and work cosistantly. I think that much of what we do as artists is to prepare the way for the muse, rather than just wait for the muse. The times I’ve worked best have been when I can get into the rythm of spending time in the studio even when I don’t “do” a whole lot in there. If I keep showing up, than inspiration comes, there’s always something for me to do. Working breeds working. The artists I admire most are those with a steady output. I think it also helps you weather bad reactions to you work.

Part two was already answered with more authority than I could hope to muster, except that I want to add that I hope to see all youse bay area types there. Come be bored by my verbiage!

And part three: These days I think about moving from New York a lot This August will mark the ten year anniversary of my moving back here, and it’s always been part of my plan that I would be thinking of moving on about now. As to where to go next, I just dont know. recent candidates have included New Bedford Mass. Stockbridge, Mass, Glenn Oaks California, Toronto, Southern Mexico and Bisbee Arizona. So it’s clear that I want something, but I don’t know what.

Thanks for asking

There may still be someone on my friends list who doesn’t know about it being question month, so suffice to say feel free to ask me about anything and I’ll reply in a post.

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