The questions continue….

dennisatl asks:

For your show in London next June:
Will there be an opening party with Stilton, claret and lots of people dressed in black?
Will you be taking just a few drawings and things packed efficiently in one compact little crate?
Will you be taking a giant sea-lift box crammed with GIANT BUNNIES etc?
Will you be there in your Giant Bunny suit?
Will you include any recent naughty gnome drawings?
Will you dress ME as a Giant Gnaughty Gnome and take me with you?

Well that’s six questions in the guise of one but here goes:
1:More likely beer and nothing to eat and while the brits seem not so big on all black, they don’t do the schlumpy Williamsburg thing either so I’m expecting slightly chic except for crusty ole me.
2:The goal is to ship as much as possible before, although my last show there was designed in such a waythat it all shipped in one cardboard carton.
3,4: No bunnies this time, I’m reasonably sure.
5:There will be gnome porn in the show of some kind.
6:I’m already plotting the ways to do so….

still the month of q&a here ask me and I’ll answer in a seperate post.

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