A day less….


Sunday was time spent with Lehigh, tiny bits of cleaning, some time spent on the telephone, and working to clear up a problem I’ve left dangling for a couple of months. Watered the plants, did the dishes, began to gather together the mail that’s scattered around the apartment. It’s easy when I don’t turn on the TV.

It’s odd how moods are so tidal: for months I can feel utterly unable to do anything in the house and then bang, some shift and I can get things put away. Now if I could just get it down to fewer things.

I also learned yesterday that analog is no longer my friend: I’ve purchased a device that should allow me to input my records and tapes into my computer, for those things that haven’t been released on cd. But when I went to try it out with some cassette tapes, none of the players I have would work. And we’re talking one expensive Nakamichi player, a high end walkman and a Fostex fourtrack cassette recorder. Admittedly each is over ten years old and I haven’t used them in a few years, but still, why should all three cut out on the same day? I think the thing with the Fostex is the power cord, so there may be some hope to get a replacement. In the meantime I need to look into getting a turntable.

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