March has ended…

… there are still questions left unanswered!

whiskerfish has a question, and I’m going to post his entire lead up to it, because of how thoughtful it is:

Art is a mystery to so many who art not willing to just sit quietly and absorb it, contemplating the form, medium, etcetera. For me, art often times makes me wonder about the creator – what led up to a certain piece? what goes on the the head of the artist to create such and such? – and so on.

My questions to you are:

Do you feel art chose you? (like what you do when you create something is basically innate and beyond your conscious will)


Did you choose art? (everything is intentional and calculated)

Making a piece is like a tennis match: in the midst of a match you can’t say exactly why you knew to put the raquet in a certain location or to run to a spot on the court: You’re reacting too quickly to calculate that far ahead and your intention is while clear (to hit the ball) is vague in the most part.

At the same time, with enough experience you can be reasonably certain that when you exert a certain amount of force, or move the raquet in a certain way that you will get an effect you desire (backspin, say).

So I believe that there is no chunk of inspiration that sits out in the ether telling me what to do, but I also believe that every piece I make embodies not only the things I intended it to, but also a myriad of things that I didn’t intend. That’s what makes the process important to me: I get to see my own mind at work in unexpected ways. I’m utilizing all the experience I’ve had looking at, thinking about and making things, but that results in something I couldn’t quite anticipate.

Good one Fish – thanks for asking!

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