SF day one….

OK guys, We Totaly have to work our home wrecker mojo, because even though I like f8n_begorra we have got to figure a way to capture whiskerfish and lock him into some secluded cabin for our endless personal pleasure. Or mabye you would be willing to work out a time share, Robbie?

Anyway, after staying up all night Friday night to get on a 7am plane from Newark to SFO, after enduring many many poorly disciplined children squealing to the approval of their semi hipster parents, after seeing The Chronicles of Narnia and The Family Stone play out on the dinky screens of my continental flight I arived in SFO, which is looking kind of down at the heels lately. Once there who was waiting top meet me at baggage claim? The aforementioned fish, who proved to be another reason why Iwill get down on my knees and blow everyone involved the programming of LJ, because he is nicer than nice and hotter than hot, sort of like Gigantor. He drove me into town, showed me the way to a delicious lamb sandwich and shared some shopping adventures with me. If you look over at his blog you can se us sittign around and then gleefully branishing the copies of djmrswhite‘s and moroccomole‘s new books that we bought at Cody’s new store near Union Square. There was only one copy of morocco’s latest and I was gracious enough to allow Fish to take it. In part because one good look at him makes it very very hard to refuse him anything he might ask of you. He dove me to where I’m staying in Northbeach and sped off to share his precious ramps with lucky lucky f8n. I got setled in and started in on “Exile” which is funny enough to make you wish you lkived in West Hollywood just because then you might be licky enough to run into Dave White. If you haven’t bought it there’s something wrong with you.

After a couple of hours I was met by two of my oldest SF friends Renny Pritikin and Judy Moran, who took me out for Sushi in North Beach. It was great but after a couple of hours I was languishing, it having been almost 48 hours since the last time I had been asleep. So they dumped me back into my apartment and I collapsed into bed for a a long series of very odd dreams that I can’t quite reconstruct right now.Then today up , making king coffee and finishing Dave’s book (impossible to put down) and then up here to the Cafe Flore, where I’ve killed more hours athan almost any other location in my life…

Have to file all of this under so far so good – Thanks Fish for the chance to get to know you better!

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