Like scrambling through…

…a briar patch. Dragging a watermelon. While wearing another watermelon. And being allergic to watermelon

I’m in London in a Starbucks – (forgive me all of you) After a marathon of completing work, packing, purchasing supplies and luggage, and hauling everything across the Atlantic. It’s been 36 hours of little sleep, red eye flights, and worry. I’ll update in greater detail in the coming days. But for now I’m here and stumbling onward

Oh and Gordon Ramsey was on my flight.

Edit: I also really want to say that I am majorly bummed that this is happening right at the time where I could be spending time with many of my favorite LJ people, and that I’d love to be attending FSE this year and sharing a smoke with you all. So many people passed through NY in the Past couple of days and I got to have contact with none of them. Time to look at my irritating scheduling issues.

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