The pleasures of the Acela….

…among other things

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Amtrak is often frustrating. I feel like I’ve probably ridden it more than most people in my community, given that (a)It’s the most reliable transport to and from Bard, a trip I’ve been making for 28 years (b) Phil’s family was in DC, which meant Holiday trips back and forth and (c)one way or another I’ve nedded to go to Boston or Providence a few times over the last decade. I’ve never made the longer East-Westtrip so I can’t speak for it’s comforts over the long run. But they do seem to be criminally mismanaged as a business.

None of that detracts from the pleasure of riding the Acela from New York to Boston: Glorious leg room, Quiet cars, speedy and many convienient work surfaces. Even the bathrooms are enjoyable. And it is blissful to simply arrive in Penn Station and hop on the subway home. In all aspects much easier than the wrangle of my recent Airplane trips. I wish that there was stuill viable transcontinental rail in this country. I would definitely consider it as an alternative to flying.

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