When it all comes together…

Not the show, unfortunately, but the desk. You’ve all heard me vauguely grousing about my working arrangements for months now. As of today I’ve reorganized my audio/video/computer etc…work area with the able assistance of badfaggot and am now prepared to work with greater ease at the desk.

Also with his assistance, the great majority of my clothes are springtime fresh.I am much relieved.

All the shifting around distress Lehigh however, who doesn’t quite know what to do with herself.

Also, for today this is the best song in the world:

Her glance hits me like lightning
I heard that girl is fast and frightening
Dirty hair and a laugh that’s mean
Her neighbors call her an evil machine

She’s fast, she’s lean
She’s frightening
She’s fast, she’s lean
She’s frightening

Popping wheelies on her motorbike
Straight girls wish they were dykes
She’ll do anything on a dare
Mom and daddy’s worst nightmare

Down at the creek smoking pot
She eats the roach so she don’t get caught
Throws her mini off in the halls
Got so much clit she don’t need no balls

L7 “Fast and Frightening”

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