I’m back…

And SNAKES ON A PLANE is the best fucking movie I’ve seen in ages.

Lost of movies bill themselves as fun rides, and then waste my time and money with stupid Speilbergian uplift, irritating naturalist backstories or pretentious themes. This is one movie that totally gets it right – every thing that you wish would happen in a movie named Snakes on a Plane happens.Anything not essential to the Planebound Snakiness, doesn’t happen. It’s the apotheosis of B-Movie goodness. I’ve always said that I respect a hack, but only an unapolagetic one. If there is any justice in the world, it will make New Line piles of money.

Other people will tell you that they saw it and it wasn’t so great. THEY ARE LIARS.

If you haven’t planned on seeing it, change your plans.

One other good note, by doing this I found out the the AMC on 42nd street has matinee pricing, so we only paid $6.00 to see it!

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