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Today Leghigh got a visit from Lola. My friend Michelle brought her by. Lola was one of the three other boston terriers in Lehigh’s pack, and it was clear that she was the one who accepted L’s dominance. They played together a lot, but Lola would surrender any toy that Lehigh wanted. When we walked out to Prospect Park, Lehigh was always in the lead. The best point of the day was when Michelle presented L witha toy snake and and then L kept bringing it over to Lola to get her to play tug of war. They finally got into it, each whipping their torsos back and forth while holding onto seperate ends of the toy. Then they just wore each other out. M’s gone now and Lola with her, and Lehigh seems a little pensive. She doesn’t get a whole lot of company besides me.

On another note, it’s so depressing when you’ve listened to an album so much that when you turn it on becuase you want to listen to it you tune out because you’re too used to hearing it, and then half of it is over before you even realize it. Happening to me right now with the Pernice Brothers. Do I go back and put it on from the beginning? Put it away for a few months?

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