Just what I need…

…another hunk of plastic.

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Let’s take a break from my bile and vaguely trancendental longings for a second to admire this piece of sculpture by Frank Kozik and to talk about how much I want one. How am I supposed to have that clear, serene, unattached existence when smart people keep spitting sculptures like this into the world? Sculptures that fit so perfectly into the parameters of my living room collection that I’ll fidgit remorsefully for years if I don’t get one? Sculptures named for my favorite Trashmen’s song? Everybody see now why I have an overspending program?

I know, I know. If I want a new sculpture in my life, the best solution is for me to go make one. And I think I will. But right now I’m still that kid with his nose jammed up at the toy store window.

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