The Long March…

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Today’s walk took waltzingtree and I from 115th Street and Broadway to Christopher Street via the Shore of the Hudson River. At one point in Riverside park we encountered something called “classic playground” which seemed like an odd playground museum – there was all of the equipment that I remembered from in playgrounds from my youth: seesaws, metal slides, rectangular ziggurat shaped monkey bars -all the stuff that was utterly fun but also vaguely dangerous in that you could dash your brains out falling off of any of it. In the midst we stopped off to visit my sister on the job, and walked past the Dugout, where I didn’t recognize a soul. We’d been talking about going to a movie, or a bunch of other things we could do, but the walk was supremely satisfying, marred only by the fact that the turkish restaurant we stopped in to finally have dinner, had The Road to 9/11 on the television. Even the few seconds I saw looked ridiculous to me. But New York is saturated with fifth year anniversary bullshit none of which has seemed to make much sense. Five years on and dogmatism, foolishness and venality still hold sway over the principal actors in this farce.

Walking through the city, seeing the beauty of its people and rich textures of living here provide the antidote to that.

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