In my neighborhood…

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From the doorway on the end of my block.

Two things about last night. It’s rare that I have a meal in a restaurant that makes me want to return and explore. For the most part I either go to places that I know very well and get food there just so that my expectations aren’t upset, or I go out to “special places” that may may inmpress me, but not enough to rouse myself out of the rut. Last night’s dinner was different. I’ve had plenty of thai food, but this really made me pay attention. There’s something in that that resonates with much of my life now. At 46, I fall into habit more often then not. But then I need, desperately need to remember that there are new possibnlities, new experiences.

The other thing is that after I left the apartment, and got half-way down the block, I realized I’d forgotten my camera. I dawdled for a second, shrugged and said it was no big deal. Then I missed having it for the rest of the evening. This is really new: I’ve never been in the habit of carrying a camera around all the time. But ever since buying my new one, I take at least a one picture a day, and have gotten used to having the option. When ever there’s technology that is a good fit for me, I get all glowy. The new camera fits that bill. All these years of teaching a photo program have rubbed off on me, I guess.

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