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PR comes to an end and now another six months will slip by before I have to hear the word “Tresemme” again. My freind Nancy was happy that J won, because he sort of reminded her of guys she used to be crushed out on. I thought he was very canny, basically making a collection that would show potential retailers that he could handle a bigger range of moods than rock and roll party while hammering home the notion that he knew what 18-25 year old women without a ton of money wanted to wear. It was going to be win/win for him. So god bless him.

Sitting around afterwards the three of us agreed that nothing in subsequent seasons has equalled the pleasurable surprise of Jay winning in season one since it really did seem like a come from behind win. Things seemed flat this year. So yeah yeah – thanks Runway; we had some laughs, we got to see what Michael Kors mom looked like, and now we can all get on with what passes for our lives. We’ll call you some time.

And Venture Brothers is over too. Maybe I actually have time for drawing once again.

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