Thursday is my Friday…

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Unless there’s something else that must be done.

Two spam headings today, one after the other: “Camino peat nuthatch” and “president is ‘a sick man'”

First sounds like a color sceme from the Tweeds catalog. Or a character from a Tom Robbins novel.

And as for the second, you know you’re in trouble when even your spam approval rating is down.

And here’s a question for all you mac users out there in the office context. Do you use entourage? and if so is there any way to make that goddamn “e” icon not bouce up and down every time a piece of spam gets sent to my mailbox? I don’t mind the little notification trill, but the icon bounces in the corner like a brat with ADD until I click on it and tend to its needs like a fuckin Tamagochi, and if it doesn’t stop doing it soon something will feel my wrath.

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