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(photoconcept by thornyc)

Made the attempt today to go see the installations at 11 Spring Street. A beautiful clear day, and a good idea, except that it was shared by tons of other special, unique people. There we all stood, waiting to get into a street art version of Disney’s Haunted Mansion, without the professional crowd management. At least, after reading Wooster Collective’s posts here I knew enough to expect a wait of an hour or so. After one hour had passed however, we got the announcement that we had two hours of waiting to go, and as such wouldn’t get in the door to make the closing time of 5pm. So, sadly waltzingtree, thornyc and myself had to forego the experience.

It’s ironic that an art based on anonymous, fleeting public gestures, and art of surprise and casual encounters, should generate an event so extensively documented (Nearly every person in line had a digital camera, if not a camcorder) and difficult to view.

I also always forget that holiday season in New York means lines, lines, lines.

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