Why is my tool bar pink?

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Oh yeah – it’s Valentine’s day. This year I’m happy becuase there are a number of people in my heart. In previous years this holday was fraught with anxiety becuase the person I was with was very easily upset or dissatisfied by what I did for him on holidays.I became hyper aware of each card selection, each ounce of attention paid. These days I try not to save it up for one day, I try to be present with people in my life as much as I possibly can, and hopefully let them know they are loved. I been feeling very much lately that they let me know in return.

I don’t remember much of the school room trauma around the distribution and collection of valentine’s cards. It was nice if one came but I honestly never remember every one doing comparative counts. That doesn’t mean that I’m adverse to getting them today. So go ahead: if you want to post a special message to me here feel free – you can do it anonymously and the comments will be screened. Of course if you want me to know who you are, that would be fun too.

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