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Here’s trapezebear and placeintheheart. Don’t they fit together nicely? I saw them at the LGBT center at an event sponsored by the Bisexual Writer’s Group. I loved what Pete read, and some of the other things as well, but here’s a hint: no event should have 16 presenters. I love me some inclusivity, but everything has a limit. It’s just not fair to the people in the latter part of the program. As much as we wanted to frolic with John and Pete and Ron, there was no real time to do so after so many presenters. Oh well, we’ll get the chance to do so today…

John, gently reminded me that I haven’t posted anything in newyorkinbnw for quite a while, so now I will attemp to do just that, and I’ll also remind you all that you are free to do so also!

Finally a quick question stolen from bobo_dreams: I’ve noticed quite a few people adding me to their friends’s list. If you have a moment, want to tell me why, and also how you found out about about this journal?

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