Getting Stuck…

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What I should have been doing: Getting ready for my time up at Bard: cleaning, packing, etc.

What I did instead: Rushed off to to get in line for a $20.00 tattoo. Something about it, despite the flock of New York hipsters, was redolent of the the first golden age of tattooing, when you could wander into a stick shop on a port city boardwalk with a couple of bucks in hand and walk out again twenty minutes later a wiser man. I doubt if I was in the chair for even that long, hardly long enough for the endorphins to kick in. In the spirit of the thing I picked a design (there was only one flash sheet to chose from) that I would never have contemplated before, but which I’m very happy with. I was so hungry to get some new work and this just touched on that. I wonder If I could get back in line to get another one.

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