Morning light…

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The campus empties out on the weekends. Last night I walked back from the terrible italian restaurant across 9G accompanied only by swirling bats and low bird calls. The air was cool and quiet. The great majority of students were off in Red Hook installing the annual thesis show, which opens this Sunday at 2pm. Today, my housemates have all decamped and I’m sipping coffee, waiting for the post office in the student center to open, so I can nab my copy of HPATDH.

Edit 9:30 am: Curse you bureaucracy! You win again! Because of how Bard’s delivery system works, I won’t be able to get my copy until Monday morning. So pre-ordering was a massive mistake. I guess I’ll have to avoid the temptation to go online this weekend and instead just get some real work done. If you see someone walking around for the next couple of days with their fingers in their ears going lalalalalalalalalacan’thearyoublallalalalalala. That would be me.

In other disturbing news I am receiving disheartening reports about my students’ behavior in their summer classes. Which may mean a long distance intervention on my part.

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