Cause for hope 2…

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Just back from breakfast and more with my friend Chris. I haven’t seen him in over a month. He expressed an interest in going to the Serra show, but I talked him instead into going to the Brooklyn Museum, where I had been told that the drawing of mine that they have in the collection was currently on display.

It’s up in the rotunda on the fifth floor. I’m in between a painting/sculpture by my friend Polly Apfelbaum and a sculpture by another artist that I respect greatly, Pepon Osario. Also in the same room are works by three artist heroes of mine: Vija Celmins, Kiki Smith and most importantly Ree Morton. Bracing company to be in.

Also on the fifth floor is BMA’s open storage/study center – a room of floor to ceiling vitrines and hanging racks filed with the museum’s varied collections. Kind of like walking the semi-open stacks of a library. It’s great to look at at in that sort of non-hierarchical arrangement. There was some excellent precolumbian pottery to be viewed.

A quick in and out of the museum all in all which is the perfect way to do it, especially since it was a spontaneous trip. Any longer in there and I would have felt that the day had been eaten up by it, as it is, I was able to put laundry in on the way and then transfer it to the dryer on the way back.

Here’s what the drawing looks like:

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It’s about three feet tall by five feet wide.

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