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Just returned from an eight am visit to MoMA with jd_trouble and redhead_sue. Great to be there without huge crowds, and wonderful to get to know two very thoughtful people from my friends list a bit better. We stayed away from the permanent collection for the most part, but had a lot of back and forth over the Serras and the current painting show derived from the permanent collection.

Tonight is another art filled night – being first Thursday, many towns have gallery walks going on. But most importantly, you Pacific North-westerners should make sure you get to the studio of girlfagpnw to see her new paintings. You all already knew you were supposed to do that, right?

In NYC you should truck over to Derek Eller Gallery in Chelsea for the opening of god_jr‘s new show. I saw it ninety percent finished last night and it’s a knockout. I’m suffering from pencil envy.

I myself won’t be able to attend either of these because I’ll be at the dinner reception for my students, doing a little show and tell about my work for them, along with my fellow instructors. So i can continue my streak of not attending openings for another year.

Of course that all might change. But be careful what you wish for: now that I’ve ended therapy I might just go hog-wild and turn into a wine guzzling artworld scenester, blabbing and puking my way through downtown every weekend. And then you’ll all be sorry!

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