Why my mom is like, totally the best…

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I got to work today to find a crammed ziplock bag waiting for me at the front desk. Inside was a wierd treasure trove of stuff my mom had come across, including: my grade school autograph book, a paper resist block portrait of Charlie Chaplin that I made in junior high, some copies of a xerox zine I made in 1980, a collage artist book from high school. Assorted letters to and from friends, a rubber stamp flipbook, my first copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon, and so forth. All in all pretty amazing. This is what the 70’s and early 80’s looked like to me: goofy jokes, cut up fifties imagery, the wonders of handmade appropriations. Rubber cement and x-acto blades wielded to make snarky postcards out of old National Geographics. There is something so optimistic about it all to me now. These things I made with deadly serious frivlolty. It’s so easy to forget them.

Thanks mom.

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