At least Jay thinks I rock…


Bye Vampira, I sure hope that Cher paid you royalties.

Look at what one of my students got for me at the punk-rock craft fair: a Jay McCarron photo and an armband doohickey. I feel so glamorous, like I’m in a Saturn Roadster or something.

Last night I was remembering how much I liked the Post Office challenge, and how I wish there was more stuff like that this season. I’m so tired of Tim saying “Gather round designers, I have a surprise for you”. Don’t you get it Bravo? The contestants are supposed to surprise US, you aren’t supposed to constantly surprise THEM to try to generate drama. When you do that, it’s just like having them run an obstacle course. The good thing about Jay was that he was surprising and unpredictable from week to week. This season everyone just stays true to type and tries to duck what ever is thrown at them.

Typing all of that made me feel extra-extra-gay.

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