Hanging in the balance…


Is the storm coming or not? That’s the question the sky is asking. All I know is that it’s mid-day and the boiler is on break between shifts so my feet are cold. It reminds me of living in San Francisco. While I was away this weekend, I hired someone to come in and clean the apartment, so I came home to a shockingly tidy space. I’m embarrassed by how different the floors feel under foot. But I have to buy a new little carpet to put underneath my desk chair so it doesn’t keep rolling away from the keyboard. Anyone have experience with CB2’s carpet tiles?

I’ve noticed that when the cleaning professional encounters my more haphazard work surfaces (my two desks, basically) they have to make a guess about how to tackle it. So today I’m seeing a number of my little containers repurposed in kind of quirky ways that make me hunt around for stuff more. Now I get to audition their solution and see if it works.

Earlier I was playing Liz Phair’s Supernova over and over and singing along. Out in the hall work has resumed on the renovation: thumping, scraping, etc. That’s in contrast to Boss Hog’s Ski Bunny, which is what on the playlist now.

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