Prick up your ears…


One of the things I tend to fuss about is my sound system. I’m a guy that way. A guy from the generation of headphones and high production albums, the generation that valued the size of your record collection and the quality of the equipment used to play it. But for all my fussing, I’ve never taken the punge to get a really super expensive piece of equipment. Even when I’ve bought second tier stuff, it’s been on sale, floor models and such. And I’ve always placed a higher value on compactness than on sonic power: I usually prefer small and clear over big and punchy. So my most recent configuration has really felt like a not so great compromise that I’m pretty much constantly plotting to improve, which is pretty funny, given that I no longer even use a dedicated CD player: I just use mp3 files played by my computer through my amp. From the audiophile point of view I’m already a lost cause. It’s like someone asking a gourmand which is the right hot sauce to eat at Taco Bell.

Anyway, all that being said, for some reason today my system is really sounding good to me, Especially when Dusty was singing “Some of Your Lovin'”. Since my hearing is going with age and earbuds, maybe I should just give up on buying any new stuff from here on out, it’s just going to get fainter and fainter as the years go on.

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