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According to the Gregorian Calendar it’s a New Year, and I’ve decided to celebrate by changing to an new lj theme.

Most interesting aspect of this is how attached I’ve become to the current theme, especially since I read my freinds page via it. When I try to describe the friends page to people oustide of lj I use the analogy that it’s my daily newspaper about all the people I’m interested in. The overwhelimmg majority of the things I read a re things I don’t respond top, but it’s all stuff that I’m curious about and want to keep up with.

The change was provoked because for some operating reason, lj wasn’t displaying my pages properly, showing me everything in some very clumsy, generic format. It felt a little bit like exile, and sent me in search of alternate themes.

So changing the theme is like changing the layout of the daily paper. Disconcerting, and it may well be that the new version will come to grate on me, but maybe I’ll grow to have even more affection for my new home.

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