Dept. of root of all evil, pt.2…


After Thor and I finished with taxes, and with eating the fabulous burgers he cooked, we headed into Manhattan so that I could meet up with my friend Jonathan, who wanted to se my so and also to go se the new Richard Foreman show with me.

I was a little late, but I did arrive at the gallery just in time to help a very nice couple pick which of my drawings they were going to buy. They were trying to decide between three different ones, and I helped them go with the one that was perhaps the most difficult to handle, but which was most important in terms of the development of the work. I know; the more mercenary among you would say that I should have talked them into all three, but I just can’t be that forceful. It’s amazing enough to me that anyone is willing to buy the stuff.

Anyway, being in the gallery is a good way to run into people, I connected with two more former students just while standing there. And I leafed through the guest book.

The Jonathan and I started out for the play, and decided quickly that we were too tired to do it. Instead we sat in a cafe on 10th avenue and caught up on each other’s stories. Then, slice he was parked in the East Village, we walked over to the Strand, where I celebrated not paying taxes and also the prospect of a future check from the gallery by buying Volume one of the new Phaidon History of the photobook, something I’ve been salivating over for a few weeks. After that it was Korean food at Gama, a place on St. Marks that I’ve never eaten at before, but which is fantastic.

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