bitterlawngnome makes me blush by asking:“OK to return the favour from last year … what would YOU like to do if/when we can connect in person again?”

Make soup. Eat soup. Slip out of our clothes and take pictures of each other. Leaf through books and have tea. And see what develops.

knivesinme wants to know: “What did you have for dessert?”

Lindor dark chocolate truffles. And seltzer.

An anonymous person asks “Why were most (if not all) of the works in your show presented without names? If you give them a number to catalog them, isn’t that a name?”

I usually title pieces, but this time out I wanted people to spend sometime looking at the work without some sort of superimposed narrative. Often the title becomes a way for me to introduce additional information into the piece, but it can really condition people’s response. So the pieces do indeed have tracking numbers that the gallery uses, but those aren’t titles that really tell you anything.

Thanks for asking! If you have questions you can click this link and ask it in a safe, screened environment. I’ll be answering all March long.

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