Today is the fifth anniversary of the creation of this journal. Seeing the date approaching, I’ve been trying to figure out some glamorous, clever way of marking it. No such luck.

So here are five lists of five things:

Five most recent things I’ve bought on iTunes:

    Suicide: First album
    Various Artists: New York No Wave Anthology
    Morton Subotnick: Subotnick Vol. 2 The Electronic Works
    Israel Kamakawiwo’ole: Facing Future
    Peanut Butter Wolf: Peanut Butter Wolf – 2K8 B-Ball Zombie War

Five ailments I silently worry about:

    Athlete’s Foot
    Arterial Plaque
    Senile Dementia
    Multiple Sclerosis

Five books I’m currently reading stuck in the middle of:

    Robert Pinsky: The Life of David
    Anonymous: Miss High Heels
    Edward Tenner: Our Own Devices
    Lynda Barry: What It Is
    Tony Judt: Postwar

Five things I know how to cook but never do:

    Roast Turkey with prune dressing
    Multigrain Bread
    Hot and Sour soup

Five bands I’ve been in:

    Da Funk Jive Disco Repertoire
    The Samoanz
    The Take Drugs And Fuck
    The Reseda Ramblers

Bonus musings:

It’s startling how much this activity, for all my diffidence about it, has come to occupy such an important place in my daily life. This year has seen my friend’s list take a decidedly multimedia turn, with more and more embedded video, flickr slideshows, audio posts and such taking the place of people’s writing or photography. I don’t know what I feel about this; for the most part I scroll past it even though the majority of my own posts have been photographs this year. If there’s one thing that peeves me most about about lj at this point it’s the rise of posts that are collections of “tweets”. Twitter, in both its formatting and compression seems to me to rebuff introspection and contemplation in favor of simplistic reporting. I like this medium because it gives me ongoing contact with so many thoughtful minds, not because it allows me to keep tabs on the individual latte purchases of semi-strangers. Anyway, all grousing aside I think I’ll be sticking around here for a while longer, and I look forward to spending the time with you all.

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