Flashed away…


A lot of night pictures lately.

Caught up on laundry today. And went to work clearing work space. And taking steps to fulfill a commission I just received. There’s so much that needs taking care of, it’s a little daunting. But given how much I’ve either been away or booked up lately, it’s been wonderful to spend the weekend close to the house, concentrating on my upcoming projects.

i’m in the midst of reading Obama’s first book and beyond anything else, it’s remarkable to think about having someone in high office who can actually construct his own evocative sentences and is willing to publicly admit to being a jerk as a teenager. I’d just assumed that it was another “heartwarming” political memoir, but there are some real insights, well expressed in the book. The questions about the uncomfortable indeterminacies of the multi-racial also hit home with me.

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