I wish I drew him…


Hello – Sheep here: with my service contract ending in a couple of months and sluggish pace of the Treo 650 making me grind my teeth, I ended my latest techno search by nabbing a 16 gig iPhone this weekend.

I suppose I should be posting pictures from it or something, or indeed posting from it period, but right now I’m content to just let it rest on the counter in its silicone body suit. I had to get a replacement headset immediately, since Apple’s stupid buds fall out of my ears at the slightest breeze.

Weirdly the thing I like about it most is that it’s a good handheld gaming device. I like it more than the Nintendo DS or the PSP. Now if someone would write a decent port of Dope Wars for it, I’d be very happy on my subway rides.

Oh and that funky truckin’ tire guy? I wish I drew him.

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