So here’s what’s been happening: On Thursday I headed out to my sister’s place for Thanksgiving dinner (Pernil, by the way, succulent) as I was scrambling together all my stuff, I was certain that I put my camera into my shoulder bag. I was wrangling three bags on the subway, including one with Lehigh in it. At some point at my sister’s I went to pull out the camera: nothing. I figured then that I must ahve left it at home. In the two subsequent days, I’ve turned the house upside down, but no trace. I can only think that it was lifted or fell out of the bag somewhere. So, in my pre show frenzy, I’ve bought a replacement. As loyal as I am to Canons, and as often as I’ve recommended them, I ended going with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28K : 18x optical zoom, Leica lens, and it shoots camera raw. This is one of the first pictures I’ve taken with it.

The Canon served me well – the fact that this blog is mostly a photo blog at this point it a testament to how at ease I felt with it. Already there are some differences about the Lumix that feel like compromises, b ut for some reason I was feeling naked without a carry-with-me camera.

The rest of TG was quiet and warm.

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