If you’re a Fassbinder fan…


…you should probably be following the current, final season of Adult Swim’s Moral Orel, which is shaping up to be one of the purest theater of cruelty rides on TV these days. I was unmoved by this show in it’s first season, since the potshots at at religion seemed so easy. But with a brutal two part ending to the second season, the whole show has taken a swerve into gimlet-eyed misanthropy that has turned the hero into an kind of American Candide and his neighbors into a series of character studies in despair. It’s probably good that this was canceled, since I’m not so sure how the tone could be sustained with any real effect for another season. You might want to purchase it from iTunes, so you can get the cumulative effect. But make sure you watch the first two seasons before launching into the current one. You’ll be surprised Plasticine can make you feel so much, or so bad.

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