Cheap ink for charity…


Last night I found out that Daredevil Tattoo on Ludlow was doing another of their special offers today, so I had to participate. They’re the shop that offers $13 tattoos every Friday the 13th. This time around they were offering $50.00 tats and donating the full price to two charities: one a food for the homeless program and the other a no-kill animal shelter. So how could I resist? I hauled myself down there half an hour before they opened, worried that I might face a huge turnout, since the $13 sessions inspire lines that head up to the corner of Ludlow. Luckily I was the second person in the chair.

The guy who worked on me was thoughtful and focused and I liked his “bedside manner”. Un like the last two pieces I’ve gotten there, this one took close to fifty minutes, which is impressive when you think that their rate for regular work starts at $100 an hour. All the flash for the day was recession inspired, and I was turn between getting this and getting a pic of a hobo, which was a sweet drawing but too clean shaven for my taste. I’d have asked for some additional whiskers on him, but the rule on these days is that you can’t customize any of the drawings.

It may have been the price difference or the crappy weather, but customers seemed light. Things may have picked up this afternoon, and I think there’s still time if any of you New Yorkers want to run down and grab one.

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