There was wonderful turnout at my opening last night, and many more folks who sent best wishes from far and wide. I felt very lucky. A-list photographer Tracey Moffatt commandeered my camera a nd shot a bunch of photographs, which I’m still sorting through but here is one that I took of my two favorite guys: dominicvine embracing thornyc, proving that Thor takes a hot picture from any angle.

There were people there from work, my Mom and Sis, people that I have known from every phase in my career on both coasts and people I’ve only gotten to really know over the past few months. It was fantastic if sometimes unnerving to see them all mingling but one of the most special attendees was this person:


Deborah Pierson-Fienn, who was my high school art teacher, showed up with an old piece of mine that she has been holding on to all this time. She more than anyone else was the first person to give me a real glimpse of what the artist’s life was really like, and I’ll be eternally grateful to her for that. It was fantastic to see her chatting with my family and students.

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