From Tuesday’s office holiday party, which was pleasant, if subdued. We’re not a hard drinking bunch, and so there were no alcohol fueled outbursts or any suchlike. I’ve never experienced the archetypal boozy, no-body-can-look-each-other-in-the-eye office party. Not like I’m hoping to or anything.

It’s snowing a bit outside. I haven’t checked the weather to know if it’s going to be a heavy storm or what, but pretty big flakes are stuttering out of the sky. Flakes I can live with. My least favorite sequence of words? “Freezing rain mixed with sleet”.

I’ll reluctantly admit what Facebook is good for: keeping people informed about your events. I am notoriously bad with announcements for when I’m doing something, like tomorrow, when I’m performing with a group of guests at Location One, starting at six pm. See, announcing it like that I just did what news editors call “burying the lede”. I should have made that announcement a week ago here with fanfare. I should have a standing Nayland Blake mailing list that gets periodic updates from me. Goodness knows that enough people have told me to put them on my list. And goodness knows that there are people more than willing to help me with it. But it doesn’t get done. The pathology stems in part from a “don’t talk about yourself all the time” message that got early on in life. But knowing the cause and ending the behavior are not always the same thing. I was surprised to find that Facebook makes it easier than just about anything else to send out a generalized announcement to your contacts. I was able to let over 400 people know about the event. And now I’ve let you know.

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