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Ah the sweet smell of trivia:

I’m reminded today why I don’t regularly use wash and fold: the place I bing it to uses some sort of detergent that contains a lot of ylang-ylang scent, which I find appalling. So the pleasure of having all my shirts cleaned is offset by the knowledge that I’m going to dread wearing them

Still reading Alan Bennett. Still impressed. I wish it was a punchier more modern angrier writer I was impressed by, because his stuff makes me realize that I’m becoming a bit of an old stodge.

Spam header: “Gain the Monstrous Dimensions”. Thank you, Mr Lovecraft.

Hrm! So that’s the sound of the sky falling. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to get my WordPress blog to work the way I would like it.

Got a lot of work done on my eyeglasses: got new frames and new lenses for a couple of old frames – Thing is my prescription has changed so much since the last pair that all of my computer screens are now too far away and have to be moved. Much wincing and peering going on.

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