In the air, and St Patrick’s Revenge…


Doof that I am, I’m postring this via gogo, American Airlines inflight wifi service. Thus I am able to live blog the kicking of the child in the seat behind me and the $10 chicken sandwich on offer during meal service. Instead of giving that money to the Boar’s Head people (or whatever entity is responsible for assembling the dreary packaged fare), I chose to spend it on online access so that I can keep abreast of LJ drama and promptly answer all my facebook friend requests. And yet, I’m here with nothing to say, and two hours of battery time to say it in. We’ll there is one thing I can talk about:


See that color? Remember that waffle I told you that I ate two days ago? That green you see above, roughly the green of the Starbuck’s logo, is the color of every dump I have taken since. The first one subsequent to the waffle literally looked like I had chewed up and crapped out the 18 holes of a puttputt golf course. I honestly debated getting out the camera and providing evidence because the color was so vibrant. So count your blessings that I’m just providing a surrogate swatch. I can only image the amount of food coloring they put in that batter.

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