The Luck of the…


Acid stomach – bleh.

I made the mistake of eating a green Belgian Waffle from the waffle truck at lunch. I should have backed away when the guy who made it asked me to let him know how it tasted. “You mean no one else has bought one of these?” I squeaked, surprised since it was already like 2:15 pm and green waffles were pretty much the only waffles he was offering. He said nothing and raised his eyebrows. Unfortunately I had already handed over my money by that point and the hot viridian waffle was already sitting in front of me on the truck’s counter. It looked like it was stuffed with chlorophyll. I took a bite and everything seemed normal, so I gave the thumbs up and walked on, eating the thing as I went. It was only after I had finished that the food coloring’s chemical aftertaste kicked in.

I can taste it still around the edges of my tongue, a flat chemical burn. I don’t even have the excuse of drunkenness to cover for my foolish impulse buy.

But maybe I can use my foolish impulse buy as an excuse for my future drunkenness: it’s going to take a lot of Guinness to wash this taste away.

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