Where did Sunday go?


I don’t know what I did to anger the travel gods, but both ends of this trip were arduous. Yesterday I was on a two leg flight: LA to Chicago and then on to La Guardia. At leg one I was part of the longest line for security I have ever seen. It moved quickly but the disorganization was anxiety provoking. I arrived in O’Hare to find my second flight canceled as part of the nationwide snowstorm crisis. So it was wait on standby for the three remaining flights which each had standby lists of over fifty. So it was no go, and I was in the airport from three pm until six am this morning, when I finally got on a flight. I did some sleeping on the floor, some passing in and out of consciousness on the plane and then finally got back home. I’m crawling back to normalcy after napping here, but my sleep is all screwed up.

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