The rear view mirror


Trying to dig down through the digital slag heap today and I ran across this untitled note, written three years ago under circumstances I can no longer recall:


Thoughts while walking today: the occult as the “third way” between enlightenment rationalism and the church in terms of European thought. The rise of scholarship into the occult as a thought system in the seventies fueling the pop explosion of occult narratives in the eighties Frances Yates
romance of the hidden and revealed, the death of underground culture.
digitized information – how to look a the value of the unnumbered. What hasn’t been converted into numbers yet?
Idea for a comic series: the flag – following the growth of a social movement through the stories of individuals’ relationships to the flag of that moment. One thinks of the horrors of mass movements but what of all those individual moments of allegiance?

Here are thoughts that I must have had, that I can’t even imagine having today. So what do I do with this? Kick myself for not having pursued these ideas more fully? Discount these ideas for how dopey they may be? I made this note to remind myself: I have been reminded, and now?

The world is replete, should we mourn the undone?

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