It’s the first day that truly feels wintery to me this season: pervasive cold, and curdled sunlight that disappeared around four-thirty. Christmas tree stands are up in earnest, and I’ve been wandering through the lower east side, taking care of some errands and kiling time until tonight’s record club.
I’m playing it by ear as far as socializing goes. Death always sucker punches you: last night I got back from the vet’s and climbed into bed fully clothed and started watching movies. At some point I got up to do something and removed Lehigh’s collar from my pocket where I had stowed it at the hospital. Her tags jingled together, and that sound, which has greeted me upon my return home for years, ran though me in all of its import and I broke down again. So who knows what tonight might hold? I’ve given myself the out that I can always run off if need be.
For now, it’s soothing to be bundled up in many layers and receiving the good wishes of friends.


Pals for Sunday poker and cigars. Kerry, Boymeat, Scotty, Scot, Thor ad Lolita. We played the usual silly dealer’s choice games. Everyone brought very responsible snacks, including the unpictured , who brought cupcakes that were delightfully tidy as well as tasty.

Eventually I will forgive Boymeat for winning so much money all the time, especially since I managed to come out a few buck ahead myself. Lehigh is glad of the company and attention for a while until the smoke gets to be too much and she retreats to the other end of the house. She gets treats from the visitors, but even so I can tell that there are times when people get to be to much for her. Not unlike myself actually. But afterwards, once everyone has left, she is eager for cuddles and kisses from me. A little bit or reassurance.

We are in the full force of summer. People walking along the block, taking it easy. The windows are wide open, to aid in clearing out the smoke. The air that flows in through them is luscious.


We celebrated Mother’s Day by taking a prolonged walk through Prospect Park; my Mom, my sister, Lehigh and myself. We followed it up with an early dinner at Whiskey Sundays. Which was so heavy that I left me nearly incapacitated for the rest of the day. Laundry did not happen.

The walk was quiet, thoughtful. It was not a hugely celebratory day, even though things seem to be going alright for my Mom. I had the chance to introduce her to a couple of the people in the neighborhood that, like her, are fans of the pooch. Lehigh was basking in attention. There’s no nearby dog run however, so while she met a few playful dogs, she did didn’t have the chance to race around like a maniac.


All errands accomplished today. Score one for our side. But damn, this cold is not playing around. The sort of weather that just makes me want to huddle indoors nonstop. Where’s the service bottom with my toddy?


Today my friend Michelle brought over Lola, Lehigh’s adopted sister for a playdate. After rain cut short our walk in the park, we retired to home for some tug-o-war and what turned into an epic threeway face licking session. Lehigh was, I have to admit, a little possessive: Lola would start in licking my face and then Lehigh would barrel in, and kind of wriggle Lola out of position, even though she’s smaller than Lola. I was forehead-to-chin slobber for a bit. The highlight of the afternoon was Michelle lifting the two of them off the ground simultaneously, each one of them biting opposite ends of a pull toy.

Lola and Michelle have headed back home now, and Lehigh looks a little plaintive on the bed. I’m drying off and planning on joining her.


Here’s Lehigh. I put her in this outfit. Then I took pictures. I sent one into this website. Now she’s peaceably snoring on the bed.

I’m a bad person.

(Edit)Not only bad, but fussy too, the only way I’ll include the color version of this picture is under this cut


Annual checkup time: shots and anal gland expression, she’s three pounds heavier, and my Mom and I accuse each other.

All I know is that I’m not running the House of a 1000 Treats.