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Still on a LJ honeymoon. Is it the agreeable sensation of wasting time at work? Or the feeling of being at a party where you get to talk to folks for exactly as long as you want? As a person who takes a long time to feel comfortable and warm up in unstructured situations, I love having to get a glimpse inside peoples’ psyches before having to make the halting first bits of conversation. Two quick bits of reflection about online life: Does anyone else have the feeling that LJ is killing off the Bears Mailing List? Traffic on the BML seems way down, and mostly restricted to club announcements. I know several prominent posters have made their way over to here. Personally I find it a much more workable and richer format here. Secondly, I’m finally on Friendster and I find it completely daunting and baffling. Lots of work for a thin gruel of endorsements and truncated messages. Is this a generational problem? When I browse though there everyone seems a good 15-20 years younger than me. Maybe it’s just one of the many things I’m not getting these days.