A lot of what you think is….

Suppose you want to start a band right now. My suggestion is that you go and THROW OUT EVERY LP AND CD AND MP3 YOU OWN. Do you like a particular song? Recreate it from memory. I’m saying this because of the god-awful music videos used as bumpers on theN, and all nickelodeon related channels. All of it is a hideous goulash of sounds swirled together for “mouth feel” like mcnuggets. All of coming from the fact that folks are in the habit of recreating records and indexing their sounds via their music collections. Better everyone should have to go back to transmitting orally.
What else is there to crab about? I bought a hideously overstyled corkscrew today at Bed Bath and Beyond. Buffaloed by faux functionality. And I lost out on an Nancy daily I was bidding on. Out sniped.

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