It’s a diffferent thing when I acutally get enough sleep.But I have to resist my current habit of reaching for the radio or the TV within the first minutes of wakefulness. Now I’m left with shreds of this moring’s dreaming, and the TV’s yammering. Current house configuration has the TV directly across from the bed. First thing seen in the morning, last at night. Sometimes, I feel pinned bye the great eye. I used to read, I think, some time in the distant past. Even draw. “But TV gives so much, and asks so little!” Well I need to ask myself more.


  1. hungry?

    “hungry” looks a lot more like bewildered or even astonished. shouldn’t there be some drool? when you have time — say in 2005 — you should draw your own set of emoticons — they need some facial hair, too — and use them instead, inserting them as small jpgs.

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