Apres Breakfast….

Smoking a Don Thomas with the sci fi channel on. They’ve become the clearing house for a whole new generation of B movies. Right now it’s “Fangs”: genetically altered bats and Corbin Burnsen. The tone’s similar to “Lake Placid” (one of my favorite movies of recent years, chock full of barely sublimated homoerotic tension between Oliver Platt and Brendan Gleeson and plenty of bear references). As for Fangs – it’s a pallid time waster with computer generated bats. Of course the fat guy dies – (fat guys are now the acceptable casualties in horror movies, but only if they’re white) And just now a hipster kid character said -“can we download some MP3’s?” like it was porn. One of those embarrassing moments when you see that a scriptwriter has NO clue. Of course it’s not like if I’m some online whiz.
Hmmm for second time I’ve been aproached by by this 18 year old online. Completely unnerving. I’m at the age that I realize I could (and very nearly did) have a kid that would be seven years older than this one. That’s a thought to kill the libido. What’s the difference between “daddying” and “fathering”?
This cigar is very satistfying. Not that there’s anything freudian there.

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