Sisterhood is powerful…

Today’s purchases at Virgin:
Phoebe Snow – Natural Wonder
Phoebe Snow – It Looks Like Snow
Le Tigre – From The Desk Of Mr Lady
kd Lang – Invincible Summer

I’m going to write some about how underrated Phoebe is in the future

Also, thank you Cate McQuaid:

(and thornyc for pointing it out)

15 thoughts on “Sisterhood is powerful…

  1. trospero

    Phoebe’s Natural Wonder was one of the last CD’s I bought. (I stopped buying new CD’s this year to avoid putting my $$$ in the pocket of the RIAA) While it has some of the best Phoebe ever, the album lacks the charm of her earlier work. She is reaching too hard and too far to be something she is not, in my opinion. Some of the songs are an attempt to belt out like Aretha does, and Phoebe just isn’t the right gal for that kind of material. Comparing this most recent work to her very first album, I would much sooner take her somewhat wispy, lilting, girly folk tunes from the debut LP than the overproduced, overwrought, forced pieces like Changed from Natural Wonder. Don’t get me wrong, I love this woman’s work, but very few of these songs stayed with me after a dozen listenings. I find myself playing two or three faves (Sahara, The Other Girlfriend and the title track, Natural Wonder) and skipping over the rest. I can’t help feeling that this album is her bid at finding a radio hit. I wish I liked this piece more than I do…I’m trying really hard to be generous to an artist I have the greatest respect for, but the work itself leaves me reaching for the skip button too often.

  2. 2fruition

    You just reminded me that I used to own the Robin Morgan-edited anthology Sisterhood is Powerful (I bought it as a teen).

    I was pleasantly caught off guard when I recently heard Le Tigre’s “Hot Topic.” It was irresistibly catchy — plus I think it’s the first time I’d heard such folk as Marlon Riggs and David Wojnarowicz shouted out to in a pop song!

  3. cornekopia


    “freights with threat” is a very odd little active sentence.

    And is it really a man who slaps you in the video? I’ve watched it several times now, and it looks like a girl to me.

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